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From time immemorial M.R. NEW SYSTEM ARMS invents and makes weapons for your dreams

The firm is born in 1988, by Marco Rigido. In the early years he principally gives himself up to the invention and the carrying out of prototypes of new arms, and he works with many industries in the field of weapon.
Till then to our days M.R. NEW SYSTEM ARMS production has been about 40 new inventions and many prototypes.
The passion for the construction of particular arms makes him to satisfied also some particular demands of single people who find a unique and custom gun. For this reason you will see in our site:
- some fixed barrel pistols of big calibre
- spingarde
- weapons for future
- "Cucciolo", the biggest revolver in the world
- the automatic gun cal. 24
- the unique express over and under cal. 577
... and many others.
Considering what we said before, our firm meets everybody's needs, from stranger to custom easier: our wish is to help people who don't be content to have a gun, but they want their gun!
For this reason we realize your arm on your request and with much care to your necessity, as a taylor makes a dress to measure, also thanks to some valid members of a team: mechanics, engravers, ecc.
We are at your disposal to give you a gun to measure for you!

Marco Rigido New System Arms - Via Mazzini 30 - 13882 Cerrione (BI) Italy 0039 015 671700 info@newsystemarms.com

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