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05-09-2007 New Internet site


After summer 2007 the project of the new internet site has been created. With this instrument we wanted to carry out a structure that introduce our products at the best.
We squanded much care in order to propose an easy instrument to use and wich is realistic about our work.
In NEWS and ABOUT US you will find the presentation of our way to construct weapons and to help our customers in the most we can do.
In ARMS your will see many models we have done in the past and, if you don't find anything you will love, don't set a limit of yuor dreams, explain us your wishes and we will do our best for you.
In ENGRAVINGS we shall show you an outline of what our engravers can do for our customers. All engravings will be accurate and unique as you request, with a work maden to measure: we like to distinguish ourselves and to make particular our project.
In HUNTING we suggest you some advices about firm and gunsmiths who are working with us for many years. If you want to go and hunt to Africa, to european forests or simply in Italy, we shall be very happy to offer you some interesting choices.
In SHOP, you will have the possibility to see and buy some new and second hand weapons, clothing, footwear, bows, cross-bows, scopes, hunting equipments, books and many other too.

Have a good time! Marco RIGIDO





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